Professional Organizing Services

Are you tired of feeling like you have too much “stuff”? Or maybe you need help creating a more functional organizational system? It can be an overwhelming task to get started in the process of “tidying” or de cluttering. Having less “stuff” makes maintaining a clean and organized space easier. It improves overall well-being and lowers stress, allowing you the time to enjoy the things you really love doing!

Simply Organized Dubuque’s goal is to help you eliminate the things you don’t love or need to make room for what matters most. We can help you to de clutter and organize your rooms and spaces to simplify your every day life. Through this process, you will also learn techniques to maintain living an organized life. Let’s get started today living a life that is simply organized!

Client Testimonials

“Nicole helped me organize my storage room– in 3 short hours, she took it from crowded and cluttered, to neat and perfectly organized! She is so fun and easy to work with! When we were finished sorting items to keep or donate, she actually took all of discarded items with her that day. It was so great to not be left with a huge pile of stuff that I would need to find time to drive to a donation facility. I highly recommend Simply Organized and will be contacting them again!”

—Dana H., Dubuque, Iowa

“This was my 2nd time working with Nicole. She is great with helping me get control of my cluttered mess. The first room we worked on, we were able to finish in a day. I knew the 2nd room was worse and it will take another visit to complete. We did get to where the floor is no longer full of boxes. So much left this house with Nicole when she left that I was overwhelmed both times. Will be calling her again to finish the 2nd room.”

—Linda, Epworth, Iowa